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Minnesota's Medication Repository Program


What is


RoundtableRx is Minnesota's Medication Repository. Our mission is to offer safe and affordable medication to Minnesotans in need, provide continuity of care and reduce waste by redistributing unused medications.


RoundtableRx is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization. We are a licensed pharmacy wholesaler with the state of Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. RoundtableRx has one full-time employee and relies on volunteers to fulfill our mission. Only volunteers with appropriate and valid licensure handle our medications and medical supplies. 

We envision a future where no medications are wasted unnecessarily and Minnesotans receive continuity of care - without exception. 


Our Values

Accessibility: Improving the affordability, convenience, and availability of medications

Safety: Ensuring safety and quality before redistribution

Resourcefulness: Finding clever solutions to waste and access

Equity: Fair and impartial distribution

Sustainability: Waste reduction through redistribution


Support RoundtableRx

We rely on private donations to power RoundtableRx

Please Give Here

Are you a MN licensed pharmacist, pharmacy technician

or pharmacy student intern?

Volunteer with us! 

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