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Our Impact

RoundtableRx is making a real impact for Minnesotans in need. 


Medication Distribution Primary Indication 08.30.23.jpg

Medications used to treat heart disease, mental health conditions & diabetes are among the most distributed by RoundtableRx. The highest demanded medications are a mix of both generic & brand name products. These tables represent our distribution data as of 8/30/2023.

Medication Distribution by Days Supplied 08.30.23.jpg

days of medication distributed to Minnesotans in need

(as of 8/30/23)


worth of quality medication donations received

(an AWP value as of 8/30/23)

Patient Demographics

Age of Patients as of 08.18.23

Age of Patients

A majority of individuals receiving RoundtableRx medicine are aged 65 years or better. 

Patient ADI Scores as of 08.18.23

Patient ADI Scores

The Area Deprivation Index (ADI) is a measurement of disadvantage. A high ADI score indicates an area of deprivation, while a low ADI score indicates relative prosperity. A majority of RoundtableRx patients reside in areas of greater disadvantage. 

Patient County of Residence

Individuals that received medicine from RoundtableRx reside in 23 unique counties, with 59% of those served residing in Greater Minnesota.


Who better to tell you about the impact than the patients we serve and our professional partners?

Patient Story

When asked why they chose RoundtableRx, one Cass County resident said: “I could not afford one of my meds & was going with out (sic) until my pay-day came around to try & order this med. I am paid (once) a month & no insurance." The patient's doctor referred them to RoundtableRx for their expensive diabetes medicine. "I would just like to thank you for caring to help people in need," they told RoundtableRx.
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