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  • Is it legal?
    Yes! A medication repository program is legal in the state of Minnesota based on the Minnesota Statutes Section 151.555. RoundtableRx operates under a wholesale license and complies with rules set forth by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.
  • Can individuals donate to RoundtableRx?
    Yes! Individual Minnesotans can donate medication to RoundtableRx on behalf of themselves or their loved ones. You can learn more about this on our Donate Medication page.
  • What is a medication repository?
    A medication repository takes donated medicine and gives it to patients who need assistance affording their own medicine. Each state must have their own medication repository program. You can find information about other states with medication repository programs on our Public Health Resources page.
  • How does a patient obtain RoundtableRx medicine?
    Most uninsured and under-insured Minnesota residents are eligible to obtain their medications from RoundtableRx. A valid prescription is required. Patients need to contact a Local Repository partner to determine their eligibility and to fill their prescription. A list of Local Repository partners can be found on our Partners page.
  • What is RoundtableRx?
    RoundtableRx is the 501(c)3 non-profit that operates the Minnesota Medication Repository Program. We are a licensed pharmacy wholesaler with the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy. RoundtableRx receives donations of medications and medical supplies. The donated products are dispensed to Minnesotans in need through partnerships with clinics and pharmacies state-wide. You can learn more about the history of RoundtableRx on our About Us page.
  • Is the medication safe?
    RoundtableRx is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our products. Donated medication and medical supplies are thoroughly inspected by a pharmacist before being accepted. Some of the basic requirements are: ​​ Unopened, tamper-evident packaging Not expired, adulterated or misbranded No controlled substances Must be a room temperature product To learn more, visit our Donate Medication page.
  • Where does RoundtableRx's medication come from?
    RoundtableRx receives donations of unused, unexpired medications and medical supplies. Long-term care pharmacies, skilled nursing facilities and individuals across Minnesota can donate to RoundtableRx. More information can be found on our Donate Medication page.
  • How does RoundtableRx define 'underinsured'?
    Underinsured Minnesota residents are eligible for RoundtableRx medications. Underinsured is loosely defined as anyone at risk of rationing or going without their medications due to cost. This would include a person on Medicare or private insurance. Unfortunately, anyone with active Minnesota medical assistance or MinnesotaCare are ineligible to receive RoundtableRx medications at this time.
  • How do I get RoundtableRx medications for a patient?
    Clinics, pharmacies and independent prescribers must partner with RoundtableRx to become a Local Repository. Local Repositories can then order products from RoundtableRx to dispense to their patients. More information on Local Repository partnership and how to access RoundtableRx medicine can be found on our Information for Clinics & Pharmacies page.
  • How much does RoundtableRx inventory cost?
    Nothing. There is no cost associated with becoming a Local Repository or ordering medications from RoundtableRx. (Even shipping is free!) To keep the program sustainable, Local Repositories may charge the patient an optional dispensing fee of up to 250% of the current Medicaid dispensing fee. The dispensing fee can be applied to each product and is kept in full by the Local Repository as a way to cover the cost of labor and resources.
  • What patients are eligible to receive RoundtableRx products?
    RoundtableRx products are reserved for Minnesota residents who are uninsured or ‘underinsured’. There are no income restrictions. Because our inventory fluctuates, RoundtableRx is intended as a safety net program for affordable medications during challenging times (coverage lapse, Medicare ‘donut hole’, etc.), or for patients that do not qualify for insurance. Unfortunately, any person with active coverage through Minnesota medical assistance or MinnesotaCare is ineligible for RoundtableRx at this time.
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