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Are you struggling to pay for your medication?


RoundtableRx is one of many sources of affordable medications and medical supplies for Minnesota patients! If you have questions about our program, and are unable to find the answers you seek on our website, please contact us at


Below are a number of additional resources for affordable healthcare and medication for Minnesotans: 


  • The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy has a list of resources for Lower Cost Medications.

  • Having trouble affording insulin? The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act may be able to help. 

  • UnitedWay can tell you what is nearby, some may include local co-pay assistance programs and other patient assistance programs.

    • Call 211 or 651-291-0211 

    • Text your ZIP code to 898-211

  • Fairview Pharmacy Assistance Fund may be able to help with one-time requests up to $500.

  • GoodRx has links to manufacturer coupons and co-pay cards. It also shows the local cash prices of medications. Please contact your pharmacy in advance to confirm they are able to accept the GoodRx coupons, or if they have an alternative coupon you may use. 

  • Some pharmacies accept prescription drug cards. Ask your pharmacist or pharmacy technician. Many pharmacies have their own discount programs or prescription discount cards. 

  • For some cancer-related medications, there may be patient specific grants for certain disease state & drug combinations. Talk to your health care or social service provider for additional information.  

Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Racism is a public health problem. As an organization, our mission is to offer safe and affordable medication to Minnesotans in need, provide continuity of care and reduce waste by redistributing unused medications. 


It is important, especially for white people, to listen more and talk less. The following resources are an excellent place to start learning:

Anti-Racism Resources 

Racial Equity Tools for Health and Healthcare 

The RoundtableRx team will continue to reflect and act on our organizational values of accessibility, safety, resourcefulness, equity and sustainability. We work to live our values using an authentic and anti-racist approach to help improve public health in Minnesota.

Medication Repository Programs Across the USA


For now, contact us by email if you need assistance locating a medication repository program outside of Minnesota. 

Other states with medication repository programs are Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, Wyoming, & more! 

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