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Are you struggling to pay for your basic needs?

RoundtableRx is aware that achieving a state of 'good health' reaches beyond healthcare. RoundtableRx also acknowledges that we cannot solve the problem of medication affordability alone. Therefore, our team has gathered a variety of resources aimed at helping those in need achieve a state of 'good health'. (This is not a complete list of resources, but it can serve as a starting point.)

Prescription Medication


Healthcare Services


Food & Materials

Mental Health

  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, call/text 988, or chat

  • Crisis Text Line, text "MN" to 741741, which is the National Crisis Text Line

  • Mobile Crisis Teams in Minnesota, Dial **274747 on a mobile phone

  • Local county crisis numbers found at

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Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Racism is a public health problem. As an organization, our mission is to offer safe and affordable medication to Minnesotans in need, provide continuity of care and reduce waste by redistributing unused medications. 


It is important, especially for white people, to listen more and talk less. The following resources are an excellent place to start learning:

Anti-Racism Resources 

Racial Equity Tools for Health and Healthcare 

The RoundtableRx team will continue to reflect and act on our organizational values of accessibility, safety, resourcefulness, equity and sustainability. We work to live our values using an authentic and anti-racist approach to help improve public health in Minnesota.

Medication Repository Programs Across the USA

A majority of states have some sort of medication repository program; however, each state's program has a unique operational model. Below are resources to learn about medication repository programs in other states. 

"State Prescription Drug Repository Programs" from the National Conference of State Legislatures, 2022


Georgia's Donated Drug Repository Program

Iowa's SafeNetRx

North Dakota's Drug Donation Program


Oklahoma's Tulsa County Medical Society Drug Recycling Program

Wisconsin Drug Repository Program

Wyoming Drug Donation Program


This is not a complete list of U.S. medication repository programs. If you need information on a program in a state not listed above, please contact our team. 

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