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Our Mission

Offer safe and affordable medication to those in need and reduce waste by redistributing unused medications.


Our Vision

We envision a future where all Minnesotans have access to needed medication and unnecessary medication waste is eliminated.



In 2017, students at the University of Minnesota came together to create and pass state legislation to get the state's first real drug repository program off the ground. It didn't get much attention, but Minnesota lawmakers passed a plan in 2019 to set up a program to take unused medication destined for a flush or the landfill and instead distribute it to people struggling to afford their medicine. This is when RoundtableRx was born. Twenty-one other states already have programs similar to RoundtableRx, and they're already pulling in millions worth of unused medications. Iowa, which the Minnesota program is modeled after, has managed to repurpose nearly $18 million of medication over the last decade. 


Meet the Team


Rachel Rockwell, PharmD, MPH

Managing Director &

Pharmacist in Charge, Staff


Hannah Van Ochten, PharmD, MPH



Tanner Fuchs, MBA

Volunteer Director of Finance


Susane Cho, PharmD

Volunteer Coordinator

Web Manager


Sawyer Radermacher

Volunteer Social Media Manager

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Alex Hutchens

Volunteer Coordinator

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