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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer safe and affordable medication to Minnesotans in need, provide continuity of care and reduce waste by redistributing unused medications.

Our Vision

We envision a future where all Minnesotans have access to needed medication and unnecessary medication waste is eliminated.


The RoundtableRx story began in 2017 when University of Minnesota students collaborated with state lawmakers to draft legislation allowing a medication repository to exist in the state. As students, our founders received support and guidance from numerous entities, including the Iowa, Wyoming and Oklahoma state repository programs, as well as SIRUM. A wide range of healthcare entities and medical professionals were also involved. The initiative received overwhelming bipartisan support at the legislature and was passed into law in 2019. This law's passage followed an ongoing national trend of state legislatures supporting medication repositories. In December of 2020, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy designated RoundtableRx to operate the state’s official medication repository program under a pharmacy wholesale license.

You can learn more about RoundtableRx by visiting our Press page, which has numerous articles documenting RoundtableRx's progress and ongoing success!

Meet the Team

Photo of managing director Rachel Rockwell

Rachel Rockwell, PharmD, MPH

Managing Director &

Pharmacist in Charge, Staff

Photo of staff pharmacist, Joanna Santana

Joanna Santana, PharmD

Pharmacist, Staff

Photo of volunteer social media manager, Sawyer Rademacher

Sawyer Radermacher

Volunteer Social Media Manager

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