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Partner with RoundtableRx

Clinics, pharmacies and independent prescribers can partner with RoundtableRx. These partners are called Local Repositories. Local Repositories are able to order no-cost medications and medical supplies from RoundtableRx inventory for their uninsured and under-insured patients. There are no order minimums or maximums. 

How to partner

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy requires a clinic, pharmacy or independent prescriber complete a Notice of Participation Form to access RoundtableRx for their patients. As soon as a site submits this form, they will be onboarded and provided an account on our website to place orders. 

RoundtableRx's Provider Flyer provides an overview of the program, including how to become a Local Repository partner, what patients are eligible, and much more.

Is your site interested in partnering with RoundtableRx, but wants to learn more? Please complete our Inquiry Form and a RoundtableRx staff member will contact you.

If your site is ready to become a Local Repository partner immediately, please return a completed Notice of Participation Form to RoundtableRx and you will be set up with an account.

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