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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 12, 2021      

Eva Carlson




Minnesota’s only medication repository opens

Seeking partnerships with dispensing clinicians and pharmacists 

In Minnesota alone, $16 million worth of prescription drug medication from long term care facilities goes to waste each year. At the same time, many patients struggle with high drug costs for essential medications such as those used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and/or mental health disorders, with all of the above disproportionately impacting minority and poor populations, furthering health inequities (CDC, 2013).

These harsh realities helped launch RoundtableRx. RoundtableRx is Minnesota's medication matchmaker, taking donated, unused medication from long term care facilities, and redistributing them for free, or for very low cost, to patients in need across Minnesota. Each medication goes through a rigorous safety check by a volunteer licensed pharmacist before being sent out to partnering physicians and pharmacists, who then redistribute the medication to patients. 

Since opening in December 2020, RoundtableRx has accepted over $100,000 worth of donated medications from long term care facilities. We are proud to announce RoundtableRx has begun successfully connecting medications with patients in need, with the first patient receiving their medications in March 2021. 

The live inventory system, powered by SIRUM, allows partner prescribers and pharmacists to see available medication in-stock. Interested providers can connect with RoundtableRx via our website:

If you are a patient seeking affordable prescription drug medication please ask your doctor or pharmacist about RoundtableRx today. If you are a care facility interested in donating medications visit our website: to get in touch with us. Questions? Please contact us at

Increasing and improving access to life-saving medications for patients who need it is critical to their current and future health. Reducing pharmaceutical waste is just as important. These are the goals four U of M professional students and a dedicated board of directors had in mind when creating RoundtableRx.

RoundtableRx is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, please consider donating today to ensure we can connect our medications to patients in need. Donate here: 


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